Bonjour !


My name is Mireille ROISIER and I am « Enchantée » to meet you.


Before we begin this exciting learning adventure, I thought you would like to know me better.

Let me introduce myself: « Faisons connaissance! »

As you would have guessed… I am French!

But I will be honest with you : this isn’t enough to teach the French language.

In opposition to most teachers you will meet online, I am also a professional French teacher and a certified reviewer for DELF and DALF also TCF and TEF, level A1 to C2. And also consultant at Alliance Française.


 This means :

➜ That with my help, you will be on the right path to gain an excellent conversational level or even become fluent (if this is what you want) ;

➜ That you will have the best chances to succeed in the tests and examinations you might have been required to pass for University, Immigration or professional reason.


A bit more about my journey and what made me the teacher I am today

 My professionnel career began in a rather classical way : I studied Literature at University and became a teacher for children.


After a while, I left France to teach abroad.

And a few years later, becoming a mother made me very aware that learning should be a fun process.

I realised it is way more important and efficient to understand and experiment rather than trying to remember the more information your brain can memorize.

So I learned alternative methods like Freinet and Montessori. I used them to educate my own child, who was homeschooled and unschooled. I especially put effort into teaching my child arts and languages from a young age. I was very inspired by other parents and teachers who helped me develop various skills and different pedagogical approaches.


Sharing and exchanging with other cultures is also very important for me.

This is why I took part in cultural exchanges with schools and various structures in Madagascar before creating an association which facilitates intercultural exchanges between countries. To achieve this goal, we use language lessons, internships and trips between Asia and the Caribbean Islands.


And now?


Even though I love France, I still live abroad.

I am a specialised teacher in FFL (French as a Foreign Language) FOS/ FLS and a certified proofreader and reviewer for DELF+DALF level A1 to C2, TEF and TCF. And also consultant at Alliance Française.


I have also been teaching French online to non-native speakers for years on a famous online platform.

According to the thousand of students who followed my lessons, I am a great teacher who helps them learn French way faster than any other teacher (not my words, it’s theirs !).

In order to help more «French enthusiastics» to become better at this language we all love so much, I decided to make my knowledge accessible to everyone through a YouTube channel and online courses.


You want to become one of my students to do fast and impressive progresses in French ?

Discover here which course is made for you:

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