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Témoignage de  Peter –  un jeune chinois vivant en Thailande

Témoignage d’étudiants

Friendly and motivating,Helpful feedback,Engaging style,Mireille wrote lots of notes and corrections which is really helpful for me to go back and look over ,especially as I only had access on my mobile tonight.


J'aime beaucoup la leçon. Merci pour votre patience et aide!


Getting us to write and correcting for us. It helps me correct many grammar mistakes and learn to write better


Tres tres tres bien


Merci, Mirelle! La leçon était un peu difficile mais vous l'avez fait intéressante. J'ai beaucoup appris.


VERY professional and effective teacher. She led an excellent class with clear explanations, helpful feedback, and effective strategies. I learned a lot!


Results-oriented and efficacious, completed the lessonand got every reading and speaking and doing the exercises which really helped with the understanding of the subject material. Well-organized and good time management. Sophisticated and classy as always. Biggest bonus: her golden pleasant personality and good-natured humility.


Excellent. The best teacher I have met so far since i have started my B2.1
course .


I really enjoyed this lesson. Thank for your help and your patience. À


Friendly and motivating,Helpful feedback,Got everyone speaking,Brought lesson to life,I appreciate the emphasis on pronunciation and making the liaison. Merci !


Le prof m'aide beaucoup sur la pronunciation. Elle me donne les conseils tres utils.

Group class

Great support, the messages in the chat really help with improving my writing skills. Great teacher!


Friendly and motivating,Helpful feedback,Helped me understand,Engaging style,Brought lesson to life,Mireille a toutes les qualités qu'on cherche dans un(e) professeur. Mais c'est surtout sa manière subtile et gentille de pousser l'étudiant que la fait une des meilleurs professeurs qui m'ont enseigné . Elle te fait penser, c'est ce que Socrate, à travers Platon, appelé la "maïeutique", c'est a dire t'aide à accoucher des idées dans une langue étrangère. C'est un don !