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The French language is rich in vocabulary and expressions. It is the 5th world language by the number of its speakers.
French expressions in colloquial language are also numerous. Some expressions such as “mince“, “zut“, “flûte” and “crotte” are widely used, not only in France but also in many French-speaking countries.

  • Mince and ” Mince alors”! The word thin is the euphemized version of “shit”. We use this word in our daily lives to avoid saying bad things. There are several synonyms for “thin” such as “damn” and “oh my” to express surprise and astonishment.



  • Zut : The origin of this expression is still unknown today. It is used to express surprise or displeasure.
  • Punaise, Purée: These are expressions that parents use on a daily basis to replace swear words and to avoid being vulgar. Purée and punaise are used to express not only surprise, but also different emotions such as irritation and displeasure. These expressions are also used to describe something unpleasant.


  • Flute: It is the synonym of zut and damn! in English. This interjection is used to express disappointment. Its origin is unknown.

  • Crotte! It is the synonym of flute and thin. It is an exclamation of spite.


  • Bon sang de bonsoir: The origin of this expression is “by the blood of god!”. It is used to express excitement and surprise. This expression can be used at the beginning or end of a sentence.

All these expressions, whose origin is still unknown to us, allow us to express ourselves better while remaining “chic” and avoiding swear words.

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