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TheFrench and love…why is France renowned as the country of love?

France is famous for its historical, artistic and cultural richness, as well as for its pleasant, sweet and refined perfumes. It is a country that breathes love and romance!

France is the most romantic country in the world. Love and chivalry have been cultivated in France for centuries. In the Middle Ages, French literature praised the feminine charm and the masculine seduction. France was among the first countries to establish civil marriage and to legalize divorce (French Revolution). It is also during the 17th century that romanticism appeared in France.

"Le verbe aimer est difficile à conjuguer : son passé n'est pas simple, son présent n'est qu'indicatif, et son futur est toujours conditionnel."

Jean Cocteau

In the 20th century, French society is becoming more modern and pleasure is no longer a taboo.

According to a survey conducted in 2015 by Babbel, a language website, the language of Molière is considered the most romantic in the world and Paris the world capital of love.

According to the same survey, the French accent is considered the most beautiful and sensual. The richness of the French language is closely linked to the country’s historical and artistic wealth. Among the French romantic writers are: Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset, Honoré de Balzac, Alphonse de Lamartine and Alexandre Dumas. All the French literary genres deal with love and romanticism.

The French language knows perfectly well how to talk about love. This is the reason why many foreigners start to learn French.

In recent years, thanks to the technological revolution, dating websites and applications have multiplied in France.  It is now easier and easier to find love and to live a romantic story.

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