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France is one of the most powerful countries in the world. In addition to its growing economy, it has an exceptional gastronomy and numerous heritages. It is also the country that makes its people proud. Sometimes it can be so excessive that some people classify the French as chauvinists. But the reality is quite different and there is still a legitimacy to this behavior. In this article, we will give clear answers on the question.

The French are chauvinists, but not so much compared to Europeans

The French are known to be chauvinists with a very sensitive heart. People say that they do not miss the opportunity to be proud and arrogant at the slightest opportunity. With a small country, other people even say that with such a small country, there is nothing to be chauvinistic about.

They may be right on the one hand, because indeed, the French do boast about the achievement of their homeland. After all, they are the only people who dared to cut off the heads of their kings and queens. We all remember the saga of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Despite everything, this people is not afraid to show others what it is really worth. It is even a quality that some civilizations do not have.

But despite this strong character, the French are not so chauvinistic. Compared to the English and the Spanish, they even have a calm temperament. These two populations are known to be the most chauvinistic in the world. But if we compare the French people to the Belgians, the former is more than chauvinistic. Indeed, this neighbor has a calmer and less arrogant temperament.

The French are chauvinistic in the eyes of Americans

Americans are always seen in a positive light by the French. They always compare themselves to their neighbors in the west of the continent. There, everything seems perfect, life is more joyful and the American people have this cheerfulness that the French do not have. Of course, the way of life and the environment is not the same at all, but compared to them, the French are indeed chauvinists.

Indeed, Texans and all those who live on this continent always have that charming smile when you talk to them. When they meet a foreigner, they try to understand him and even speak his language if possible. The French have this attitude of incomprehension when they meet a new ethnic group. However, this does not stop them from trying to know and understand, but not as much as the Americans.

The French love to compare themselves to Americans. Despite the difference in culture, everyone has an American dream and the desire to have a good life. But this does not mean that France wants the Americas. Indeed, even in New York, Parisian girls are famous for being the most beautiful women in the world.

Other characteristics of the French

Every people has a specific character. Even if the French are considered as chauvinistic, they have other characters which are better. Indeed, the French are true patriots, they never miss the opportunity to praise their country when the opportunity arises. But they are also big complainers. They complain about everything and anything, especially when things don’t work out the way they want.

But the French are also refined and romantic people who have tastes that intoxicate us. To conclude, the French is considered a chauvinist for the love he has for his country. But in reality, he is a great lover, he likes to be French. He is not afraid of revolutions and will do everything to make his country glorious.

*We generalize, of course the features are magnified.

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