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The avenue de Montaigne is a street that is located in the center of Paris. It is a must-see place if you visit France and especially if you like luxury brands. It is very famous, even beyond the French borders. But have you ever wondered why it is so popular and why luxury stores are located there?

What made Montaigne Avenue famous?

Initially, Montaigne Avenue was just a simple path used by people who lived in the cabins. But over time, it became known as the Widows’ Alley in 1770, because it was used by women looking for love and gallantry. At the time, the alley was scary. It was lit up and there were thieves, both day and night. Like its neighbors, the avenue Montaigne was notorious.

It was not until 1850 that it was given its current name. At the beginning, it was not yet commercial, it was only used as a residence. But the people who lived there were celebrities and high ranking government officials. It was from this point on that the popularity of the avenue soared.

It has known people of the stature of Mademoiselle Raucourt, Marlene Dietrich and even Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The latter chose to live in the neighborhood when he was still a player for the soccer club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Why do luxury brands settle there?

Initially, Avenue Montaigne was not a commercial street. Since the Middle Ages, it was used for housing. But when Christian Dior (a luxury brand) decided to set up shop there, other luxury and high-end boutiques began to flock. The arrival of this giant made this place an object of covetousness by all those who want to deploy a large-scale business.

Currently, there are no less than 70 stores, specializing in jewelry, haute couture, perfumes and many others. The odd side has fewer stores than the other, as many people still live there.

Don’t expect to get a place on this street if you don’t have a huge budget. The rent is very high and you will be competing directly with the big luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Krizia and many others. There are also very limited vacancies, so it’s impossible to know when they will be available.


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