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The 10 desserts of Christmas in France in the south

Christmas is a time that makes everyone happy. It’s not just because it’s a holiday, but it’s also a magical time. It is an opportunity to taste many different flavors and to try new desserts. In this article, we are going to present you the 10 Christmas desserts in France in the south.

1. The calissons

The calisson is a specialty of Aix-en-Provence. It is a dessert which consists of fruit paste and candied fruits. Generally, one uses the melon to conceive it, but it is possible to choose another one. It also contains crushed almond and a layer of royal icing that covers it.

2. The oil pump

It is a typical dessert that comes from Provence, more precisely from Languedoc. It is a bread made of flour, olive oil, sugar, water, yeast and orange blossom. It is called oil pump, because it is possible to pump the oil that composes it with the presence of wheat flour.

3. The quince paste

It is a confectionery obtained from the mixture of quinces and sugar. It is very popular during the Christmas period. It is possible to make this dessert yourself, provided you know how to cook it. But it is also possible to buy it from candy and sweets shops.

4. The nougat

It is also a confectionery, but the nougat is based on almond, eggs, honey and sometimes chocolate. We can distinguish three kinds of nougat popular in the south of France, the white, the red and the black. It can be found at any confectionery or pastry shop during the Christmas season.


5. The tropezian pie

The tropezian pie is the dessert par excellence during the Christmas period. It is composed of two different creams with sugar buns. The creams used are custard and butter cream. But these are only alternatives, because the original recipe remains a mystery.

6. The Basque cake

This is one of the most difficult desserts to make during the Christmas season. But it is also one of the most delicious cakes in the world. Its preparation requires good pastry skills. For beginners, it is best to buy it from a bakery or other.

7. The milk cake

The galette au lait is an unavoidable Christmas speciality throughout the world. It is the dessert that is left for Santa Claus when he comes to drop off the presents. It is possible to cook the dish yourself. After cooking, the tasting consists of several portions of pancakes and a glass of hot milk.

8. The biscotins of Aix

This is a typical dish that comes from Aix-en-Provence. In general, it is a cookie that consists of orange blossom and hazelnuts. Its preparation is quite easy and does not require great culinary skills. But it is quite possible to find it in a pastry shop or a grocery store.

9. Papillotes

These are the favorite treats of children and even adults during Christmas. They are very easy to recognize with their special packaging. And their chocolate taste reminds us that there is a message with the candy. This candy has existed for a very long time, but until now it is still famous.

10. Oreillettes

It is an atypical dessert for Christmas, but it allows to leave the ordinary. Usually, we eat the oreillettes at the beach or during a party. But this does not prevent to innovate in the culinary art. It is a crunchy doughnut that is sprinkled with powdered sugar.


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